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Snake Pod Tree

Dreamed 1989/3/16; painted 1995, oil on plywood, 24 x 20", by Jenny Badger Sultan

I am in the desert with Kathy and a few others. We walk into a clump of plants and observe the life in them--flowers, insects, etc. A little distance away I see a tree with roundish leaves and dark pods, kind of oval. Reminds me of the trees that used to grow on Bonnie Toxbys street in Altadena. Kathy and I go over to check it out.

Dream painting titled 'Snake Pod Tree', by Jenny Badger Sultan. Click to enlarge
Instead of being hard as Id thought, the pods are soft, like suede. They are a reddish, purplish, brownish color and larger than Id thought--4 to 5 inches across. They have two sides which are connected partially so theyre like purses or rounded envelopes. I look inside a couple--nothing is in there.

Kathy says, What should be inside? I know that it is a nesting place for a snake--but somehow neither of the ones I open has its snake inside. But if I go on opening them, I expect to find a snake.

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