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Dreamed early 2006, drawn 2006/4/6 by Farelle-Moon

This is a picture I did from a dream that I had a while back.

The female is Farelle, my fursona. The character in the picture with Farelle is... hum... how do I say this without seeming like a plushophile? He's BASED on a stuffed wolf I have, that I cuddled with the night I had the dream.

Sketch of a dream by Farelle-Moon of VCL. Night; a hot tub. A wolf guy fondles a buxom fur--but her breast squishes and drips like a wet sponge!

Shh! I don't actually make sweet sweet love to my stuffies. Just full grown furry men who look like them in my head. O_O


Anyways, I thought the concept of squeezing a furry boob that had just been soaking in water and having water squirt out of it like a dish scrubby was hilarious!

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