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Things Wash Off

Dreamed 2009/4/22 by Wayan

Our Hollywood film is near the end:
on a sweet wild meadow-verge
in a redwood hot tub, our lovers swim.

He's white, she's brown--till they step in.
She turns shy, looks down. Her skin
streaks with runnels of paler tan. The dye
washes off! And it's no practical joke. They
have loved for years, but her hue
never ran; and she's had a bath or two!

And yet her shame suggests she knew
at least hints--has she seen it streak?
But why's she cringe so? Does he dislike
white girls so much? Or will he think
she lied, kept secrets? No: he turns her face
to him, to say "I love you, not your race..."

And then he sees her beard and craggy brow.
Man-face. Mid-pledge, he falters, halts.
She moans and climbs unsteady from the vat
of Hollywood happy ends, both breast-
and beard-burdened. Dons her folded dress
mutely to go. For their love has dyed.

What I want to know is, who applied
that history, gender and careful tone
she mistook so long as herself, her own?

A bearded woman in a blue robe. Sketch of a dream by Wayan

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