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Stacy becomes a Bluebird

Dreamed & drawn 2012? 2013? by Valerie McCarney

I am driving on a cold winterís day. I am out in the country, not a place I know. I pass something bright red. I go back to look at it. It was a beautiful red plant, alive and supple in this very cold weather. I get a piece of metal from the trunk to dig it up and get it out of the freezing weather. The dirt is was gravely and grey. I wonder how it can be so healthy out here along the road in this kind of dirt?

I went to my daughterís house--not her real house but a house in the country, I do not know. I walk in and she runs to cover her self with a long sleeved shirt, she had a tee shirt on. There are blue feathers coming out of the shirt by her neck. I say "What is going on, what are you trying to hide?"

"I got a tattoo but it is only a tattoo on my arms, and then the tattoo turned into blue feathers and grew all over my chest as well. I canít remove them." She takes off her shirts to show me. There are beautiful blue feathers that cover her upper torso and there are wings starting as well. I can't get over the beauty of the feathers and she's not concerned about it but thought I might be.

I wake. At first I drew her with the feathers and the red plant in the background. This dream stayed with me and kept showing up over and over. So a few days later I dreamed the dream forward .Her wings now worked. So in the final piece I drew her flying.

Stacy grows blue wings and flies at night, dream sketch by Valerie McCarney.

SOURCE: the International Association for the Study of Dreams ( Psiber Art Gallery archive for 2013.

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