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Dreamed 1997/4/18 by Chris Wayan

A woman with a strange face, simplified as a cartoon. Beautiful, but strange. At first glance I think she's sneering at everyone, but when I look closer, see her upper lip starts right below her nose--not pulled up in a sneer, but naturally that way. Her lips' shape is normal--well, for cartoon lips--but there's a second set inside, or is that her tongue peering out like an absentminded cat's? A little pink flap I find exciting. Want to kiss it and see if it kisses back. Like inner and outer labia, like a sideways pussy...

Cartoony, but she's no cartoon. She's just a horny, humorous, sensual girl, who masturbates several times a day, in her office, bathrooms, even elevators. She gets a secret delight from going into meetings with her fingers still sticky with her juice, and shakes dripping hands with business people who think she just ate lunch, or is nervous and sweats a lot. She blushes red with secret excitement as they shake, laughing inside--it's as if they all had THEIR fingers inside her, in a way. Gets her so hot she usually has to excuse herself and go have another orgasm...

So what's my first impression of this pervert when I actually meet her? Oddly enough, I kind of like her! Bubbling up with laughter, playful. But I do worry "Won't she spread some virus like that?"

Yeah, right. Like... cooties.


The dream points out if I were female, and acting out sexually, even OVERacting-out, I'd still LIKE me, find me fun--horny and weird, yeah, but not mean and grim like lots of people.

I'm judging myself by a double standard. Quit it.

Don't you do that, either.

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