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by Chris Wayan, 2005-6

Map, Tharn's homepage, Peoples of Tharn, Regional tours, Geology and Evolution, gazetteer, terms explained. More worlds? Planetocopia!

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Tharn's main features have names adapted from Edgar Rice Burroughs' pulp version of Mars, "Barsoom", which Tharn slightly resembles (well, it echoes many early Marses, from C.S. Lewis through Bradbury. But those better writers didn't coin many names). Lesser and local features are named in the languages of the dominant local species--but where it's physiologically possible, I've tried to make their names echo ERB's loopy style, both sonorous and silly.

If you're curious about the source of a particular name, see the gazetteer above; each entry has an etymological note at the end.



B, D, F, H, K, L, M, N, P, S, T, V, W, Y, Z have fairly unambiguous pronunciations. Letters and combinations needing clarification:


There are eight vowels you'll encounter. A, E, and O are roughly as in Spanish or Japanese; I is perhaps more as in English ship, and U more like English put. Three more vowels:

  1. ee = always feet, never fiancee. Always a strong syllable.
  2. oo = always boot, never foot. Always a strong syllable.
  3. ü = as in French, German, Chinese. If it's unfamiliar, say eeee, then make your lips a tube as if you're saying oo without shifting your tongue from its eeee shape.

Accent or emphasis is usually on the penultimate syllable. Doubled vowels like ee or oo, and diphthongs like ai, ao, ei, eo, iu, also mark accented syllables, and so do doubled consanants after a vowel, like emm, att, orr. There are no silent vowels; final e is always pronounced.

Map of Tharn, a world-building experiment. Click a feature to go there.
Gazetteer: index of place names with descriptions. Or TOUR THARN! The following route snakes around Tharn, covering all major features
Tarkas Upland -- Tars Triangle -- Thoris Upland -- Raksar Sea -- Llana Upland -- Barsoom Basin -- Jahar Range -- Heloon Crater -- Heloon Desert -- South Pole -- Sola Upland -- Otz Trench -- Thuvia Upland -- Mrr Trench -- Far North -- Rronk Woods -- Parthak Crater -- Hastor Sea -- Varo Sea -- Yoof Trench -- Dejah Upland -- Dupdup Trench -- Felatheen Veldt -- Chinchak Mts -- South Seas -- Polodona Wood -- Sea of P'Tang

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