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Tornado and Star Showers

Dreamed and © 2008/8/15 by Dream Junkee

Just when I thought my tornado dreams were a thing of the past here comes another tornado-induced lucid dream. I didn't get to physically kill it this time but oh well. Thanks to the dream I scored a kick-ass meteor shower. Is such a thing possible? Only in lucid dreams.

I can't remember how I got into the situation but I flee with others. We are running from a massive tornado. A Victorian house is our salvation. I smash through the basement window and slide into the dusty darkness. I'm suddenly alone. Spiderwebs brush against me but can't see them. Silently, I sit against a wall and wait for the tornado to come. I know it's coming for me. It always does.

Sobbing erupts out of the darkness. The basement is now light enough to see in. Across the room a teenage girl huddles in a corner. She weeps hysterically. I tell her "Don't worry, we'll be fine." I know that we won't though. The coming torando is a monster. It will kill us both. The girl cries louder as the tornado roars closer. I tell her again "We will be okay."

Tornadoes usually mean dreams. I reality check, bite down on my finger. It hurts but my teeth sink in as if my finger is rubber.


"Don't worry, we're in a dream." I yell to the weeping girl. She doesn't hear me over the roar of the tornado. I yell it louder. She still doesn't hear me. I stand, draw in a deep breath and as loudly as I can, scream, "I'M IN A DREAM!!"

At that moment the tornado sounds stop. The crying has stopped. Dead silence presses in on me. The tornado is gone. The girl is gone. I am the only one in the dream. I pace the basement, figuring what to do with my lucidity. Intended lucid tasks remain elusive.

I head outside knowing that sometimes I think clearer outdoors. When I emerge from the house I see that the scenery has changed. The Victorian house has transformed into my aunt's old house (one that doesn't even have a basement). I am in familiar territory. I feel calmer.

It is twilight. A few stars wink here and there. Many people mill about, mostly family members. None seem to notice me so I ignore them too. I can still think of no lucid tasks, personal or otherwise, but do recall that I missed the meteor shower this year.. again. It is decided that this dream will give me the show I missed. Night sky. Silhouette of a woman raising arms in wonder at a spectacular meteor shower.

I stare to the NW of the darkening sky. I try to will a meteor shower by imagining the stars breaking loose from the heavens to sprinkle down onto the earth. It doesn't work. Frustration tries to overwhelm but I calm and remind myself that I WILL see a meteor shower. I focus harder, this time imagining sprays of stars streaking across the sky. Suddenly, like a spray of fireworks, stars erupt and streak across the night in bursts. The stars continue to explode in sporadic eruptions and I am pleased with the show. It is so brilliant that I lose hold of my lucidity.

I don't remember what happens after the star shower.

--Dream Junkee


I can't help wondering if all these tornadoes in your dreams stand for specific things. Maybe emotional storms? I don't know, but I am curious. If you'd summoned up that crying girl again instead of the lightshow, and asked what she was all about, maybe you'd find that rather than "tornado freaks out girl" the cause/effect arrow may really go the other way: "freaked out girl inside causes tornado!"

--Chris Wayan

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