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Dreamed 2011/12/31 by Wayan

Cliffs at Land's End. Set out with friends,
but I sneak off alone, to hide a Thing
from business rivals. Round a piny head;
beyond, a lonely cove. Bury it here? No,

the sand's wet up to precipice-foot; the tide
or rogue waves wash too high. So try
to south. A Jeffers tower! Old lighthouse? No,
a maze of arches, near-Escher, all stone

buttresses with stairs hacked in. Stairs? No,
straight channels meet at right or 45-degree
angles like Lowell's canals, or a whale-built
circuit board: ankle-wide but too deep to see

groove-profundity. Sea gasps--sags impossibly
low. Horror slips in slow. Scrabble up the wall.
Savage slam! Brine sting. Blind cling to stone.
Slowly sea subsides. Dragonstreaks of foam.

No heavy debris; there are only beach and bare
cliffs here to tear. But over in the Sunset? Low
streets akimbo to the vengeful sea. Will be
awash in jetsam death from this invade. I

wait. Will afterwaves rear and crash? So vast
a tsunami can carve a wake in time. But none!
Save fractal foam, the sea smiles sweet green,
lying like doom never came. Clean gone.

I climb sea-rocks as a tsunami approaches. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.



The next day I began a self-designed treatment with long-term antibiotics to test the hypothesis I had a really tenacious bacterial or parasitic infection. My attacks slowly and steadily got milder and shorter. The dream exaggerated a bit: this tsunami wasn't the very last--there were small after-waves. But the experiment worked.

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