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TV Devil Flu

Dreamed 1994/10/24 by Chris Wayan

My friend Zooop gives me her TV, and I can see why. It's a bad one. Not the picture quality--a deeper kind of bad. You see, there's a devil living in it. He keeps coming out during commercials and trying to cut a deal with me. He makes a lot of promises, but he always cheats. Transparently! I keep catching him.

Which is good, really, since anything I catch, he must undo. It's the stuff I don't catch I worry about!

One day he gets all mad and starts snarling at me--spitting and spraying. I get suspicious and say "If there are any disease organisms in your spit you will clean every one of them off me! Getting your diseases wasn't part of any deal." He looks furious and waves his hand and I know I caught him again. A cold or flu virus.

What a little sneak he is! TV is more trouble than it's worth.

Wait... is there a message here?


Hmmm. Could be literal. Maybe I was exposed to a virus. Go get a flu shot, or at least blast myself with zinc and C! I can prevent illness--but only if I'm vigilant. And it can't hurt. But why a TV devil making me sick? And why was it Zooop's? Aha!

Zooop does computer and video work. It's addictive, I've seen how it drains her. The money's good--I've been tempted. Avoid it, it's treacherous for me! Get a people job.

Because that screen is... a cheat. It'll make me sick.

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