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Dreamed 1990/2/20 by Chris Wayan

Some warm, fuzzy little spirits are in a hurry to go round the world. So they take a short cut straight down through the Earth!

Well, they're not really that little: they're big as humans, in fact! They just looked so small, peering over the lip of the huge boat they hitch a ride on.

It's a giant's boat, of dense black stone, floating down a river of luminous lava, leaving a wake of hissing gold, livid on the red.

For while the Warm Fuzzies really are fuzzy, they're not just warm--they're hot. Quite hot. White hot!

Dream: A black stone giant sails down a river of lava, with living flames as a crew.
Eventually our Hot Fuzzies come ashore, wave a "Thank you!" to the black stone giant, climb a crag on the lava shore, and start arguing about which way to go next.

The argument grows hotter, hotter... till it erupts!

Because... that's how volcanoes happen. Oh, you can call it convection, you can call it a hot spot. But I've seen them down there. And I call it an argument.

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