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Box of Dreams:
Weaving Mats

Dreamed 2009/3/15 by Jenny Badger Sultan

I go on a camping trip. In camp, women are weaving mats. Will I try it?

Acrylic painting of a dream by Jenny Badger Sultan: ' Weaving Mats'.


This image of weaving puzzled me. Later, I came to see it as symbolizing:

  1. The healing of the open wound after my abdominal surgery. Over the course of time I got to observe it changing from a large open incision to a beautifully closed line.
  2. The web of love and support I felt from my family and friends during this time.

--Jenny Badger Sultan

Close-up of two women weaving. Detail of an acrylic painting of a dream by Jenny Badger Sultan: 'Weaving Mats'.


The same night, Jenny also dreamed Will I be bitten by a rattlesnake if we sleep in the caves? There, the theme of injury and wounds is explicit, reinforcing her interpretation of this dream: her illness, surgery and healing is a reweaving--not just of her own life-force, but of her community, family and friends.

But all this is evident only in hindsight. Both these dreams came over two months before lymphoma was detected during an abdominal surgery (May 28, 2009).

--Chris Wayan

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