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Dreamed 1983/1/13 by Chris Wayan

Garden by a shack in a sunny meadow below dark wooded ridges. I look up at a  big mysterious shadow on my garden.

I live in a house that's barely above sea level, at a marshy creek-mouth. It's too boggy for fruit trees, but I grow a small veg garden--lettuce and celery do fine in the damp soil. But one morning I come out to find half my lettuce eaten by some animal. I track it. Strange, big, soft tracks--definitely not a deer! But what? I track it. Can hear it, but nothing to be seen!

Then a huge shadow falls over me. I look up in sudden fear... but nothing's there! Yet the shadow is big and solid, even gloomy. It's shaped rather like a tyrannosaur! Well... maybe a bit smaller. And it's not attacking me... the invisible monster only seems to eat lettuce.

For a beast as big as its shadow, it leaves shallow tracks, and seems to be able to make long hops, even float in the air a bit, perhaps. It must be very light--maybe no heavier than I am.

I have this strange feeling of affection toward the whatsit. Even protectiveness, like it's a BABY whatsit, huge though it is.

Though I DON'T like living in a monster's shadow. Gloomy! I'm a sunny type. Or I want to be.

I finally meet an expert in exotic garden pests who identifies the mystery beast. It IS a baby--a baby raincloud. Before they learn to carry water and make the land fertle, they're like this a while. Vulnerable if they don't get wet juicy food...

Now I feel okay about it. Just wanted an excuse to like it. Don't begrudge it a few days sun, and some lettuce.

And if a scary whatsit shadows you a few days, don't set out to slay the dragon... Kill clouds, and you kill the rain. Good-bye, lettuce.

So let your whatsit be!


The footprint scene echoed the old movie FORBIDDEN PLANET--an invisible monster stalks explorers on a world full of ruins. It turns out to be a manifestation of their own repressed anger and jealousy--a "monster from the Id".

So the dream-monster is my own Id. Except... it doesn't seem angry or jealous at all.

I've been feeling gloomy, and the dream came to assure me my Id is growing into something good. So be patient and big-hearted--the problem will solve itself if I let it eat my lettuce. Let us?

Ah. Lettuce prey...

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