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Dreamed and © 2008/1/19 by Dream Junkee

Face of a child; right side of image blurred, streaky.

I 'woke up' in the dream, suffering from the sleep paralysis I usually get in lucid dreams.

My room was dark and I struggled to be free. My vision was also blurry. I demanded clarity. It came but not right off the bat.

As the dream cleared, out of the corner of my eye was a small shadowy figure. It was a child's torso, more a cut out faded painting than a real child. The left half of its face was blurred as if someone had tried to erase it.

It was startling and I forgot about being paralyzed. I yelled for the odd child to be gone from my dream. It was always there though in the corner of my vision, watching me, inspecting me. I didn't like feeling like someone's science experiment and fought out of the paralysis.

Only my top half broke free. I sat up and started swinging at the child. It would disappear then pop back into view. I asked what it wanted but when no reply came I told it to get out of my dream and continued trying to hit it.

I got so worked up that I woke up. (false awakening) Oval photo of magenta rose from side.

I was in my bed, laying as I had when I fell asleep. I felt someone messing with me so I sat up and lifted the covers. To my surprise Daeva was down on me, having a merry old time doing what he was doing. I tried to shove him away. Eventually I gave in, laid back and just before I hit orgasm I realized it was a dream.

I sat up and said, "You can't really be here. I'm dreaming. We're dreaming."

He didn't reply but continued dutifully doing what he was doing and even though I enjoyed it I would rather do other things with him in the lucid dream. I wanted to complete a lucid task with him. (I'm such a nerd!)

I was left half enjoying what was going on and half-heartedly trying to make him stop so we could complete a lucid task together. I really wanted to take him to another planet with me. I noted that my lucidity was spotty and I had to really struggle to remember I was dreaming and tried to remember the other lucid task for the month--I was sure it was easier than flying to another planet, but I couldn't remember the easy one.

I woke up in bed (false awakening). I was fully aware it was a dream. I tried to get up and couldn't, so for a moment I told myself to remember what lucidity I had for now. I key-worded 'blurry kid' & 'Daeva in bed' to remember the previous bouts of lucidity. I then struggled mightily to break out of my sleep paralysis but couldn't. I then attempted to float up from the bed since that was much easier than trying to snap the paralysis but I couldn't float upward either.

silhouette of a falling figure against a time exposure of the night sky--stars turned to circles

I then decided to go down. I imagined myself sinking into the bed. And I did. I slowly sank in and through the bed. When I came out of the bottom of the bed I was in absolute black, which scared me at first. Unintentionally I tipped backward and felt myself suddenly fall. I gathered my wits and reminded myself that I was dreaming and let the fall happen, not caring where I landed. I straightened out and felt as if I were free-falling, imagining that the sensation was what it must be like to jump out of an airplane. I rolled onto my back and could see stars above me. I laughed and verbally reminded myself that I was dreaming and I loved it as I watched the stars spiral above me as I fell at what felt like hundreds of miles per hour.

I don't remember landing, but was suddenly standing in a small town. I made my way to a cafe type shop and stood in line waiting to order something. As I stood there I simply watched the dream characters going about their business and wondered if they knew they were in my dream. I though of asking them so but was more fascinated by their interactions. It all seemed so real. Oh, they all looked like they came from the era of Happy Days, which is why they fascinated me so much, the way they were dressed, the way the talked and even moved.

My turn came to order and I was desperately wanting a cappachino. I ordered specifically, A French Vanilla Cappuchino like the one I had in Nashville. They happily obliged, and that made me happy because I was sure they were going to tell me they didn't know what I was talking about.

Standing and watching and waiting, I didn't even realize I'd lost lucidity until I saw a few cars pull up outside of the shop. Out of them crawled some teens who looked as if they had just come from a prom. One of them caught my eye, a cute blonde who wore a dress that seemed a bit slutty for that era. She also seemed to be familiar and when I finally placed who she was I realized it was a girl, NeAvO [another lucid dreamer]. The shock of the revelation made me realize I was dreaming, that I had been dreaming and lost lucidity. I immediately left the shop for fear I'd lose lucidity again if I stayed there. Black shadows, indigo highlights: drawing of a screaming face.

Lucid again, I walked outside. The scenery gradually changed to an area I'd seen in Tennessee. I felt spooked because it was night and wintry. I seemed to be absolutely alone except for a few dark houses and abandoned cars.

I then became aware of something stalking me. I decided to fly out of harm's way but when I jumped I couldn't fly. I kept trying and decided to use the run, jump and belly drop method I'd used in the past. I did it and I caught in the air a few inches off of the ground. Trouble was I couldn't get any higher. I soared barely off of the ground. I got to my feet again and ran, intending to try fly again. Someone came up from behind.

I looked back. There were guys who looked like the crazy ass killers from Wrong Turn. I ran not out of fear but simply because I didn't want to deal with them. I ran and jumped, soared through the air like Spider-Man does when leaping between buildings. I landed atop an old truck. It was at the highest point in town. I could see all around me. No one could creep up.

Then came the arrows. The bastards were shooting arrows at me. Some of them I simply knocked out of the air. I got bored and realized this was probably a ploy to make me lose lucidity. I stood up, howled like a wolf, my voice echoed on forever. I felt a primal power fill me to the brim. It was amazing and unlike anything I've experienced in a dream before. I felt more animal than human, my senses were so acute it was almost painful.

I could hear them coming. I leaped through the night and landed atop one of the malformed creatures. I flipped it onto its stomach and choked it as the fingers of my free hand scooped out its eyeball. I shoved my finger deep into its skull and scooped out some of the thing's brain. I tasted it. I wanted more. I hooked my right fingers into its right eye socket, my left fingers into the left eye socket and I simply ripped its skull in half. I lowered my face to the thing's brain and slurped it up like Jello.

I turned and hunted down the other two things that had been chasing me. The second one I jumped on from behind. My fingers clawed into the flesh at the back of its neck and grabbed its spine. I pulled it upward, ripping the guy's spine out. I tossed it over my shoulder. He now couldn't get away. I pulled the back of his head up and dug up through the stump of his neck and into his brain. It was like he had no skull. I mashed up the brain in my hand, pulled it out and devoured it, even licked my fingers clean. (blah)

The third I don't remember tackling but remember sitting on his chest, glaring down at him. I told him to never invade my dreams again. I ripped his head open by forcing his jaw down while shoving the top of his head up. The top of his head snapped loose and I punched my fist through the roof of the guy's mouth. I fished out his brain and ate it. I stood up and kicked the head down the street, quite happy that I'd rid myself of those lurking bastards. Photo of M51, a bluish spiral galaxy with golden core and a reddish satellite galaxy at the tip of the longest spiral arm.

I walked. There was a light coating of dust on the street. It sparkled in the moonlight. I watched this for a moment and then realized I had yet to try a lucid task. I wanted to fly to another planet. I remembered that I had wanted to do it with Daeva but I couldn't conjure him.

I looked up at the sky and saw what looked like a beehive star cluster twinkling teasingly, daring me to visit it. I hopped into the air and flew upward for a bit but leveled out. I couldn't go any higher until I rabidly demanded that I could. I was going to get to that star cluster.

I rose a bit more and leveled out again. Pissed off and desperate to do this task I badgered my dream world into allowing me to go higher. This time, when I looked up to focus on my goal there was a great slow swirling galaxy just above. It was gorgeous and I was going to get there if it was the last thing I ever did. I knew a barren reddish-purple stormy planet waiting for me there.

I didn't make it, I kept leveling out and fighting to go higher.

Animated image: female eyes winking.
--Dream Junkee


The title Wild WILD refers to an acronym common among dreamworkers: Waking Induced Lucid Dream, as opposed to a dream-induced lucid dream (no waking plan to go lucid; the realization happens entirely within the dream). It's a moot point in Dream Junkee's case; she's an experienced lucid dreamer and aims to go lucid pretty much all the time.

Yet even when lucid she's not fully in control. Consider that startling first scene! Dream Junkee's lucid, yet paralyzed and under observation by a mysterious child. Now here's where our dream-approaches differ. She just wants it to leave her alone; I'm curious who that kid with half a face and such weird powers is... and what it may tell me about my waking life too.

I also bet I'd just enjoy getting licked to orgasm rather than try to take control and Do A Lucid Task. I'm a nerd too, but there are limits...

--Chris Wayan

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