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A Wizard's Horse

Dreamed 2018/9/3 by Wayan


We're renovating my housemate Lisa's bedroom. She's felt ill, allergic. Fears it's mold or rotting wood under the carpet. I hope not. What a nightmare that'd be to fix!


My land's magical. And am I:
A wizard's horse; human-wise, but
cannot speak your chattertongue--
monkey sounds won't come
from my elegant throat.

On a trip, my wizard and I find
greenish corpse in mud. Murder-spell!
I scent the smoldercurse is still
active--deadly. But my nosy friend
can't sniff past death to subtler smell.

Mute, how do I warn Old Curious not
to touch voracious rot? In quandary
I half-wake to find I'm human suddenly
plodding through old thigh-deep snows
half-adream toward my log abode.

Tramp through dusk, patient plow,
as I run mare-dream scenarios;
grope to go back and figure out how
to get my wizard-pet away from that
curious-monkey trap. Hard sans hand
or spoken word. Pretend

I'm spooked? Or mime. Would he
believe mere nightmare me? Or a last
resort: horse force! Drag him away
outraged in my impudental jaw. Ah,
better a snap-slap war than see
him turn--slow surge--to rot.
Foul way to lose a friend!

I wake. Well, wake again. Summer now,
no horse, no snow. But I still know
to save my friend our digging has to stop.
Mare said the toxin's
all up top.

I'm a wizard's horse trying to warn him of a curse on a dead body by the roadside. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.



We strip off the rug to find the subfloor beat-up but not wet or moldy. So old it might have asbestos--dangerous to disturb--so we seal it off with acrylic and insulated pads, install a floating vinyl floor. After, the room feels lighter, drier... and clean. Healthy.


She did replace that mattress. And got better. Nightmare was right. Not the underfloor, but rug and futon bore the Toxic Curse. Trust the nose of your horse.

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