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Coyote Invades Abstraction

Nondream poster, 1998, by Chris Wayan.

My art's confessional. I prefer risking mockery to playing it safe with abstraction, minimalism, irony. I think there's an economic reason for artists' focus on wit. In a market of clowns, it's safer than passion, skill, sincerity... depth.

abstract design with furtive coyote and the following rant: Abstraction is so safe! Hide in your impersonal burrow. Copyright 1998 Chris Wayan. I own it. Mine mine mine! But if you BUY it, it's YOU YOU YOU! Abstraction transfers its visual financial gossip and prestige value. Abstraction is as fluid and fungible as CASH! While PERSONAL images are non-negotiable and cannot be redeemed.

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