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Dreamed 1989/6/19 by Chris Wayan

I dreamed I was in the New York loft of an artistic cat family. Tigers among cement columns... Their eldest kitten was a black ballerina panther. I loved her at first sight, but she was just too cool--I got shy and didn't ask her out. This picture is to remind me to speak up next time!

Her mom, a lioness, inexplicably reminded me of Sigourney Weaver. We all went fishing with energy lines... not for fish, for the Sun! It was a small fireball swimming through their loft like a golden carp.

Sketch of a family of artistic cats living in a New York loft, who I met in a dream.

A friend dragged me to see the movie "Ghostbusters II". I wouldn't have gone to see it on my own, and it wasn't a masterpiece, but as it turned out, I was very grateful to my friend. You see, as well as ghosts and busters, it was about

My dream was there in front of me, on screen--scrambled, but the dream had clearly been predictive.

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