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Baleena's Game

Dreamed 1974/1/26 by Chris Wayan

I'm confused at the Aquarium;
Death always bewilders me so.
Eels eat minnows, whales eat eels.
So they go.

Baleena, a spirit whale, slender, white-
bellied, gnaws into a huge whale's gut,
on through. Who is she? A whale I knew
long ago.

Baleena, lean and hungry, swims home--in air--
with us--to wed her human beau. So now I play
poker with her husband. Since he loves it so,
his wife the whale plays too.

Baleen can't grasp bluffing, though.
Sonar sees through skin, fin, soul.
Whales hold no secrets! While men are o-
paque to other men. Blank poker wall.
I propose "Why should we all
have to play?

Baleena shouldn't have to." Hub says "No,
No, no! I love poker so my wife must too--
it's the American Way!" Argue to and fro.
American Way.

Years pass. I think I live alone. But one day
I notice my Holy Deck has four cards gone.
Hunt. And in the backest back room find
Baleena, her man, and the Old Wet Gang,
ghosts and spirits all, playing blackjack.
Blackjack is the spirits' game.

I peer in a doorway at a card game played by whales & giant squid. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.

Notes in the Morning

Note 43 Years Later

Over the next decade I learned I really couldn't bluff and compete the way American business demands. Even job interviews and salary negotiations were torture for me. Today I think it's not just shyness but a sensory difference. I feel strong empathy--read emotions too well--so zero-sum games like poker hurt to play!

But I could pick investments--because I wasn't fighting others, just supporting stuff I liked. Like blackjack, you play the house--no enemies. I made a fortune that way.

Not poker, blackjack! Baleena turned out to be me.

Afterthought (for Intuitives and Shy, Noncompetitive People)

We don't have to get ahead at work to succeed. Live cheap, save up slowly, and invest it in the market--something you believe in--a specialty you know, or social investing (firms with good labor & consumer relations), or a fund backing firms run by folks you trust (female-led firms, Christian firms, you name it) or even just the market in general. American culture sneers at us for being noncompetitive. Let them sneer.

Get rich slow.

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