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Barn Owl Fusion

Dreamed 2006/3/9 by Patagia

I dreamed a barn owl was flying from the woods across a field and looking right at me. I felt the urgency and intensity of its eyes focused on mine. He flew straight toward my face. I wasn't afraid, just very surprised. I felt some kind of painless collision and bonding at the end, as if we had joined; a mystical joining.

I dreamed again, and felt myself rising in the air like a hawk on a thermal, rising and circling. I looked at the earth far below; I could see clearly for miles. My eyes were keen as a hawk's.

I executed a turn, swooped down, and with a skillful turn landed on a cement walkway in a city. Even here, out of my native setting, I felt strong and skillful and sharp. I felt like a redtail hawk.

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