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Bike Over the Bell Curve

Dreamed 2018/9/25 by Wayan

I bike right over a weird little car shaped like a bell. Dream sketch by Wayan.

I bike down a shoplined street. Construction ahead. Wood boards or beams, massive and 6m long, are laid down the center divider. They're installing planters, block by block, and this one's ready. Gravel and lumber block the curb, too; just one narrow lane open.

I follow a slow, slow biker taking it all up--in the exact middle. The car behind me honks, angry. At last I squeeze past the slowpoke and push ahead.

I follow a small car, a new-model Volkswagen--roof rounded like a Beetle, but with weird skirt-fenders, so the car looks like a giant bell--or a Gaussian distribution curve!

Suddenly the VW brakes. I'm tailgating--crowding it--barely a foot back, and when I brake, I instinctively use only ONE handbrake--the right, a bit loose and weak. I can't possibly stop in time.

But rather than HIT the car, those wide fender-skirts help me ride right up over it! Up to the roof, down the far side, as if it's just another San Francisco hill!

I bike on, relieved, thinking "Wow, the Bell Curve saved my neck!"


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