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Blue Brains

Dreamed 2017/12/11 by Wayan

Every human head's a jar; face just pasted on.
Inside, swimming, blue-to-purple brains
Gleam. Or are those dusky con-

Volutions really tight-packed tentacles? Yep.
Mad labtechs stuff each coiling indigo
Squid in the jar as if to pickle and stick
jarhead on a chunky human torso.

And then I wake. Later in my day, I
Turn on the TV. An old sci-fi
Movie--not fifties, it's color, but authenticly

Tacky. Labtechs madly stuff... yes! Blue
Octobrains into the glass heads of... kids?
Creations, victims? Quite a dream-prediction.
I tell a friend the tale. But then I wake again

To find this 'next day' proving my dream
Precognitive was dreamt too. Pseudo-ESP!
What's this nested dream-prank mean?

People's heads are blue brains in jars. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.

Next Evening

I learn what it means. My housemate turns on her TV and gets Doctor Who--shrunk to mouse-size, exploring inside a Dalek, who literally is a talking brain in a jar atop a stumpy torso.

So... I dream of brains in jars. A TV show the next day clearly echoes the dream, so it looks predictive, but I wake to find that day and show were still in my dream, so it WASN'T truly predictive. But that evening a real TV show DOES echo the dream! All this flip-floppy arm-waving seems like a semaphore to me--like the dream was trying to signal its own nature, warn it was predictive. Self-flagging! A phenomenon as intriguing as predictive dreams themselves.

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