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Dreamed 1994/10/29 by Chris Wayan

The world is multiracial. Dinosaurs dominate of course, both by numbers and variety. The cliche is "five dinosaurs and an ape," but in fact there are three ape peoples (humans, and less numerous chimps and orangutans--gorillas are bright, but not quite people) and bottlenose dolphins and a large sea turtle and two borderline cases, elephants and a sixth dino, chicken-sized. And lots of very bright animals too: wolves, ravens, parrots, gorillas and several more dinos, all of them smarter than chimps in the waking world.

In the dream world, as in this one, I'm a writer-artist. But there, I'm in trouble for publishing a story that's encountered censorship, legal action, and widespread condemnation for obscenity. You see, it graphically depicts a love affair between a human and a gorilla. If they'd been a human and an orangutan, or a chimp and a dinosaur, or an elephant and a turtle, of course that'd be no problem--they're PEOPLE! Only a few fundamentalist sects still object to such interracial marriages, usually on the grounds that they can't be fertile, and sex is for making babies. Or eggs. Whatever.

But a gorilla? Why, that's BESTIALITY!


I've been tempted to date some of my dance classmates with hot bodies and not-so-hot minds. But I've felt wary. Neurotic, or just picky? This dream suggests brains do matter--I find normal human stupidity unattractive! Must my girlfriend be a genius? Well... the dream warns that some side of me, influenced by this culture's odd sexual boundaries, thinks sex with non-geniuses is bestiality! Less awful than racism or homophobia, but still, what a culture-bound view!

I mean, who but an American would demand total equality in love?

It clears up one mystery, at least. No wonder bestiality appears so much in my dreams--it's what my brainy side thinks of getting involved with normal human beings.

Luckily my body has another view. We're all just lonely animals; we're in this together.

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