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Celebrate Both

Dreamed around 2005/6/24 and 2005/6/26 by Henry Sultan

An acrylic painting titled 'Image of Two Dreams' by Henry Sultan on muslin and board, 36 by 45 inches, July 2005. Combination of a flower/mandala in the sky and a woman at a snake-weaving party who says the Hanukkah cake fell off the roof.

This acylic painting blends images from two dreams.

around June 24, 2005

I see a mandala/flower floating in the sky.

Two nights later, I had the following dream which inspired me to combine the two dreams in one painting.

June 26, 2005

I am young, single, and observing an outdoor ritual where a lot of people are weaving different colors of plastic pipe together on the ground, to make a serpentine pattern. It is very festive. Many people arrive and greet me. I am not that enthusiastic about it, but I am waiting for a woman to show up to this event. She has rejected me many times, but I want to see her before I leave.

Then she arrives. I stand by the open door of a van near her. She turns, sees me, comes over and hugs me, tenderly kissing my check.

She tells me "No Hanukkah this year; the cake fell off the roof."

I say, "There is always Christmas."

She replies, "I don't celebrate it."

I say, "I celebrate both."

She smiles and we go on talking; I think "I finally connected with her!" and wake up.


I believe this dream was a positive encounter with what the Jungians call the Anima, my female side. After I had it I was so inspired I immediately began painting the dream. I call the finished piece "Image of Two Dreams"; it's acrylic on muslin and board, 36"x 45"; finished July 2005.

--Henry Sultan


See, it's all that celebrating that does it. I'm telling you, animas like a good party. Or snake ritual. Or cake-tossing. Though it's hard to celebrate before she shows up; she's the heart of the party. Yet it's the celebration that summons her--or him. Whatever guide inspires you!

Getting in touch with the other-gendered side of you really is like flirting or courting: earnest, grim persistence charms no one. To escape the prison of your own gender-training, you have to summon the freedom and confidence to play.

--Chris Wayan

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