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Coming to the Jumping Off Place

Dreamed May 1, 1992 with earlier dreamlets; painted 1992, acrylic on canvas, 40 x 49.5", by Jenny Badger Sultan

Several dreams, one of ascending a ladder, one of descending stairs at night to the sea, made me start painting images of the ladder. For me it symbolizes change and transformation and connects the realms of sky, earth and underground.

I made two monoprints based on these ladder dreams: Dancer Ascends the Ladder (left) and Guardians of the Ladder (right).

'Dancer Ascends the Ladder', a dream monoprint by Jenny Badger Sultan 'Guardians of the Ladder', a dream monoprint by Jenny Badger Sultan

I also began a large acrylic painting of a ladder made of entwined figures. After I had been painting a while, I had this dream, on Beltane, May 1, 1992, which I put into the landscape behind the ladder:
A group of us is living on an island. We are constantly watched and our activity is controlled. It is unbearable. We decide that we will go to the highest place on the island and all jump off, to our deaths.

But a special being has arranged that when we do so, we will be transmuted and will all be reborn in a remote place where we will be safe and may grow to be the salvation of the earth.

Dream painting, 'Coming to the Jumping Off Place', by Jenny Badger Sultan. Click to enlarge Detail of dream painting, 'Coming to the Jumping Off Place', by Jenny Badger Sultan.
This was a dream of release from the destructive, death-dealing aspect, and rebirth through a caring and nurturing spiritual presence.

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