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A Daughter to Dote On

Dreamed 2017/9/17 by Thomas Madden

I'm on holiday with my family somewhere in Southern Spain and the weather is warm. I'm walking along a twisty small-town Spanish street when a man comes up behind me and without any warning pierces my ears and puts blue coral earrings in them!

I'm furious and start swearing at him, and he tells me "But if storms are coming the earrings will give you weather warnings."

I demand that he remove the unwanted earrings from my ears. Instead, he then drops a purple dress, a bra and panties, and a necklace and bangle at my feet.

I refuse in no uncertain terms to put them on, but my parents and a couple of British police officers turn up. They explain "Your father witnessed a murder committed by a high-level gangster who will not hesitate to kill witnesses to his crimes, and your whole family has now entered witness protection."

"But why is my new identity female?"

The police beam. "Because your parents want a daughter to dote on and treat like a princess!"


I woke up before I knew what my new name would be.


Perhaps I have a secret wish that I could become a girl?

--Thomas Madden


I don't know; but your dream has your parents quite openly wishing you were a girl! The dream arranges it so you feel forced to acquiesce. But how absurd the set-up is! It can literally be said that you must accept femininity "or it'll KILL your parents." So I suspect the dream's warning they indulge in a bit of emotional blackmail. What about? Maybe not literally to put on drag (but you never know). Could be just to avoid anything rough crude or dirty (butch vs femme, not male vs female per se), or not to be an "insensitive" man but an "intuitive" woman (those weather-predicting earrings--is it physical storms, or social and emotional storms they predict? And where can I buy a pair, please?), or something else... but they're wanting you to play some role. Conditional love.

But I'm biased. I faced such blackmail. My own mum didn't trust men, preferring daughters to sons; and I grew up literally androgenous--not a tranny nor even in drag, yet often mistaken for female--through body language alone. But how much of that is nature, how much nurture? Hard for me to parse out.

And it's hard here, too. But I do strongly suspect some of it is parental, not innate. And worth sorting out. Your own tastes versus theirs.

--Chris Wayan

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