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Delight Evolves Flight

Dreamed 2011/12/23 by Wayan

I'm with friends, hiking up the north face of a steep ridge. Snowpatches under evergreens. We're headed for a griflynx town on the ridgetop. An eager griflynx leads us up the steep slope, charging past us and wheeling back--like all her people, she's as rambunctious as an otter. When she barrels downslope, she spreads her small wings--they're big enough to let her glide and wheel, but not gain altitude--not yet. Not vestigial, evolving!

Even though their current wings gives them no great survival edge, I think griflynxes will achieve true flight. It's evolution by emotion. They love gliding, even more than running, and do it all the time, not just when it gives them an advantage. That joy is visible.

And is anything sexier than delight?

Sketch of a dream by Chris Wayan: A griflynx, a person like a lynx with opposable thumbs and short wings, running and gliding round human hikers in snow. Click to enlarge.
Sketch of a dream by Chris Wayan: Head of a smiling griflynx, a person like a lynx with opposable thumbs and short wings.

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