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The Dragon Economist

Dreamed 2011/1/7 by Wayan

A man has turned into a dragon guarding a treasure. But what kind of treasure? It may be not monetary, but data. Whatever it is, people want it. Ambitious ones gather to try and slay its scaly guardian.

Bad idea. As a man, the guardian was a leading economist--that's why he was chosen to guard the trove--he understands its dangers if that wealth's dumped into the economy irresponsibly.

Besides, no need to fight him. He won't guard it forever. If the spell is broken (or ends naturally--dragonity, like presidentiality, has term limits) he'll turn human again. And disperse it cautiously.

Now with most economists, I wouldn't care a bit if you gutted him. I find most of them cold, cynical, selfish, cultish capitalists, promoting more of the same. But this guy wasn't just human but humane. Before his dragon gig, he edited a popular finance magazine like Forbes, and before THAT, the New Yorker--championed all sorts of social causes. A sparkling conversationalist too, by repute at least. Even in his current scaly form, he may still have witty dragon repartee, but who can understand him?

Anyway, I worry some wannabe Beowulf will kill him without even knowing his history or humanity--and misuse the data-treasure.

Worse than economists do, I mean.

The dragon Smaug; watercolor by JRR Tolkien. Click to enlarge.

I worked up my courage and asked the IRS directly how they wanted me to handle the estate and its missing data. Did it their way, split the results, sent my sisters their share, and invested mine in a social/ethical fund. It looks like enough for each of us to live on, sparingly. Financial security after years of uncertainty!

If that's wicked, guess I am a dragon. Economist. Whatever.

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