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Dreamed Independence Day 1980 by Chris Wayan

An egg of energy whirls around, like the fireworks Cynthia lit in the parking lot tonight. But this isn't fireworks.

It's my egg of power.

Egg of Power, a fractal oval abstract. Click to enlarge.
It's pretty gaudy. You can spot my power a mile off. More. How far would I have to go to hide it?

I set out to find the answer. I'll only know it when I feel comfortable at last.

Nowhere on Earth will do, of course. Or the moon, now that people go there. Mars? No, they're aiming for that. And they're so curious about Io and Europa, I don't think Jupiter's safe... And so, step by step, I flee the inner solar system. At first, I think the rings of Saturn are far enough, but I still feel uncomfortable. Titan's just too interesting to researchers...

My vision unreels beyond Saturn, like a film, inevitably--out of the system, to lightspeed. And beyond, multiples of C, the world all inside out! To still another hyperspeed--dazzling lines enter and fragment my vision into thirds! Still another phase-jump of speed kicks in, and I'm swimming in formless brilliance...

Beyond the known universe.

Well, I wanted to know how far I'd have to go. And as I look around at the lightshow, the incomprehensible geodesics of n-space, I know.


I already knew I fear my power. And hide my power. What I didn't know, what the dream was showing me, is just how far I'll go to hide my power.

Pretty far. Pretty far.

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