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Fake It!
One Dream Deserves Another

Dreamed 2007/9/22 by Patagia and 2007/9/23? by Electra Johannes

FAKE IT! by Patagia

A guru, or maybe Krishna himself in disguise, appeared before me and showed me sacred rituals. He laid out symbolic items on a table. I didn't know what to do with them but I decided to go through the motions... and fake it.


The next day I discussed the dream with my friend Electra via email. I found myself writing:

"You ask me, how did I feel faking it? I felt like I was on a journey to the unknown in which pretending I knew what I had to do was part of the journey. I had to be my own authority."

She sent ME back a dream of faking it! It spoke so much to our present communal worries. So I urged her to let me forward it to the World Dream Bank.

Here it is.


FAKE IT! by Electra

Several people and I were in a terrible fix--first detained by terrorists, then lost a long way from home. We were cold, weary, anxious and hungry. We shared a small bottle of water, but we were out of food. Worried about being recaptured, not knowing what to do or how to get back to where we were supposed to be, we debated and debated.

Finally I took charge! I found a bus and drove us, even though I'd never been behind the wheel of such a large vehicle before, and a stick shift at that! I worried because we were low on fuel. I felt scared but determined, trundling us along steep mountain roads, inching us over impossibly narrow bridges...

I guess, like you, I just faked that I knew what I was doing.

--Electra Johannes


This pair of dreams shows how telling your dream can provoke friends to dream on the same topic, like a match lighting a candle. Note how characters, plot and images aren't what leaps the gap--it's the deepest level of these dreams, their theme, that crosses the "impossibly narrow bridge" between us. I've generally found this true: dreamers are more inspired by deep issues than by striking images. Dreams aren't magpies, attracted to cheap glittery things! Nor are they passive collectors, mere lint traps of the soul. They know what they're doing.

Or at least they're very good fakers. And, as these dreams assert, that's just as good.

--Chris Wayan

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