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Dreamed 1984/2/23 by Chris Wayan

A black house in the rain. Calla lilies. Someone hangs in a maroon sleeping bag under the wide eaves

I visit my parents' house with a friend. I'd like to be more than friends, but I'm unsure just how she feels. Can't push it here anyway--my parents are pretty proper types and will want us to sleep in separate rooms.

Only there are no empty rooms! I'd camp out on the wide back porch, but it's raining. The only solution we can come up with is: since we're both psychics, and can levitate, why not just set ourselves to rise, and camp out on the underside of the eaves? They're big enough. The porch gets rained on but the eaves are quite dry. We try it, each in our own sleeping bag, and all seems comfy and rather poetic, like we're big caterpillars sleeping on the underside of a leaf...

Then my friend thinks of a problem. "If you roll over in your sleep and fall off the edge of the eaves, you'll fly up into space and die!" This seems unlikely to me--wouldn't we wake up, are we idiots?

Yet to ease her fears, I agree not to "risk" it, and go sleep in the car, leaving her to camp out in some hallway in the house. Or with me, in the car--there's room, and privacy. I'll let her think it over and decide if her fears really are reasonable.

Both of her fears.


Everyone I've shown this dream to is sure it's about dating and sex, saying "You're not an idiot, you'll wake up and call a halt if a relationship gets outa hand." And I agree that's there...

But there's a less obvious side to the dream. All year, I've been having predictive dreams, to the point where dreaming about odd events of the coming day has become almost routine. My scientific skepticism was broken down by sheer repetition. But I've noticed that I keep getting little intuitive flashes while awake, too--and I still dismiss them, suppress them! Absurd as it sounds, somehow I don't BELIEVE in ESP in the waking world, even if I'm doing it every night! Having it in my conscious, daily life just jars too much with other people's beliefs, and I fear where it'll lead.

So my dreams show me a girl who's quite comfortable with consciously controlled psychic powers, all the way up to levitation--but she's terrified of letting her UNCONSCIOUS fly! It'll let her soar too far up till she freezes or stifles...

That's one dumb unconscious. So dumb it doesn't even notice fatal problems? That's unlikely!

I think this dream mocks my paranoia--in effect, saying "If you have talents," (of ANY kind, not just ESP) "they're there awake or asleep--what's the difference? You can repress them, you can deny them, but... denial is not control."

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