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Box of Dreams:
A Fire Entirely Without Heat

Dreamed 2008/9/11 by Jenny Badger Sultan


A young friend of ours is learning how to weld from his father. He is welding a sink and a watering can together--two vessels that hold water. He is enveloped in a red glow but is not burned.

Acrylic painting of a dream by Jenny Badger Sultan: 'A Fire Entirely Without Heat'.


This dream came on September 11, and shows the need for regulating our fire, our heat, our anger in a way that is constructive and does not destroy.

--Jenny Badger Sultan

Detail of acrylic painting of a dream by Jenny Badger Sultan: 'A Fire Entirely Without Heat'.


The textures here are from monoprinting with things like snakeskin, canvas and bark. Jenny keeps a large collection of stampable and printable objects in her studio to create such textures.

--Chris Wayan

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