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Four-Eyed Baby

Dreamed late 1989 or early 1990 by Xanthe

Line drawing of two hunchbacked, club-handed little people; dream image by Xanthe I found these odd little creatures, hump-backed and club-handed, skulking through the forest.

They said "You think we're deformed, wait 'til you get a load of this!"

And there, with just its head showing, newly burst through the bright green moss of a gentle hill, was a beautiful baby with four eyes.

It blinked and open all of them.

I said "I think it's perfectly formed."

The baby began to look around serenely, and then one of its arms rose from the moss; it decorously covered a yawn with a pudgy pink hand...


Baby's face with four eyes all in a line; dream sketch by Xanthe. Click to enlarge.

EDITOR'S NOTE Face with four eyes in a horizontal line; dream image by Wayan

Strangely, a few years earlier, when I was first getting to know Xanthe (we worked in the same library) I dreamed I HAD four eyes, in exactly the same arrangement she saw in her dream. I don't think I ever mentioned it to her. Whether there's a connection I don't know, but I mention it for two reasons:

  1. We did have other parallel dreams, like Xanthe's Tunnel, where coincidence, synchronicity, or telepathic spill-over (choose one that fits your belief system) was clearly running wild. So I tend to suspect parallels even in a subtle, doubtful case like this.
  2. I haven't seen this image elsewhere, and I certainly hadn't then--except in my own dream. The few four-eyed faces I have run across have all had an upper and lower pair of eyes--a more compact set-up that would give you depth perception in two dimensions.

Jung claims that dreams of four eyes, and fourness in general, is a pan-cultural symbol of wholeness. Maybe. I found looking out of four eyes rather disorienting, myself...

--Chris Wayan


These illustrations are hybrids. Xanthe made pencil sketches when she woke, but these burned in a house fire. She'd sent me xerox copies, though. I scanned these and colored them in Photoshop from her description.

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