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Fuse Forever

Dreamed late December 1975 or early January '76, by Wayan

My first lover Pat and I make love as time stretches inside a wormhole. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.

My sister Miriel pisses off a whole squadcar full of cops. Luckily, some of us have Star Trek phasers; set them to stun and knock out a lot of cops. Pat (my first sex partner, last summer) even has a laser gun. But we want to keep it nonlethal.

The cops don't. They shoot bullets. And call in the army.

We flee into the Fourth Dimension, slipping through walls, halls, between army vehicles, stunning platoons at a time! They don't believe their eyes, can't organize against ghosts.

A medium-tall woman in a long coat arrives, says "Forebrains, turn off! Be stupid!" And the cops and soldiers are suddenly too dim to worry. Now they can fight on & on.

Idiocy is strength.

But we make it to the Mind Room. Barricade it--lay brilliant laser beams like silk threads across the floor, red green blue. Taunt the cops: "Nya nya, who dares to cross?"

One woman with her brain working (there's always one immune!) steps out and carefully mambos her way through the laser maze... to my shock, she makes it!

I spin a loop of laser light; in the loop, a fourth & fifth dimensional whirlpool forms, pulling at us all.

This woman's parents (now identical to my parents) emerge from the whirlpool, from the far past.

By me, Pat gasps "Ai ya! My roots!" What? Are they HER ancestors too, are we ALL related?

Pat & I leap into the vortex, bodies flowing and fusing; as it stretches time, we make love there, world w i t h o u t   e   n   d   .   .   .  


  1. Cops shoot at us: maybe inner cops--I'd had a rigidly moralistic upbringing, and I was at this time in college and finding those family rules didn't work so well out in the larger world. But maybe not so inner. Remember the recent massacres of students at Kent State & Jackson State? Students like me. The police were not my friends.
  2. This early dream may seem scientifically anachronistic--who dreamed of wormholes in 1975? But I did. I'd barely heard of the concept and never that word, but in spring 1973, for my final paper in Astronomy, I deduced that something like wormholes were theoretically possible, especially if a black hole swallowed too big a mass at once--warping that 5-dimensional funnel enough so it re-emerged elsewhere! The dream also shows time in a wormhole can flow strangely--bringing ancestors from the far past, or slowing down sex to "Eternity in an Hour". Though sometimes sex does that without transdimensional assistance.

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