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Box of Dreams:
German at the Door

Dreamed 2009/7/19 by Jenny Badger Sultan

This young German man shows up at my door. He is big and intimidating, and he has brought along two large dogs.

Why did I invite him? Where will he sleep?

Acrylic painting of a dream by Jenny Badger Sultan:'German at the Door'.


He may be the young Carl Jung, who was big and intimidating, not the sensitive man seen in the photos of his old age.

The fact that he is accompanied by two dogs reminds me of a dream from 40 years ago about Dr. Jung's dogs. I invited him, yet was uncomfortable when he arrived.

When I dreamed this I'd just learned that Jung's "Red Book", his dream-journal, would at last be published; so I think this signals the re-entry of Jung's ideas into my life.

--Jenny Badger Sultan

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