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The Golden Jockstrap

Dreamed 2017/3/8 by Wayan

I'm on Market Street, just below the Castro District. Stop at a baffling window display--tree branches draped with limp pale-yellow foam things. Rubber, plastic, something natural. Bubbly-drippy. I don't get it. Curious, I walk in. Funny, the window-display sprawls right across the shop--branches arch over me. Draped in gold droopy things. Like I'm stranded on a Dalí beach with melting watches...

Speaking of watches--the manager watches me closely as I look around. I feel silent pressurr to buy... what?

Oh. A big pile of gold-lamé: bikini bottoms. Well, really just G-strings or jockstraps. Each has a big capital letter on the crotch. I know they're codes for various flavors of queer. You pick your letter to declare your flair, though I don't know what the codes mean.

Shop selling golden panties and jockstraps draped over branches. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.
I know it all riffs off the Rocky Horror Show--Rocky, the hunky sex-toy created in a lab, wears gold briefs. I've seen people around town with Golden Jockstraps or Panties on. Most wear them outside jeans or tights (it's been cold); but a few hard-core types go bare-legged and bare-assed.

The shop guy presses me to buy one. But I don't want to! I'd like to support minority rights, especially under Trump and his nasty little friends, but... I'm single, I'm seeking single women--and I refuse to falsely advertise that I'm gay. That's like wearing a wedding ring to support gay marriage--scaring off singles.

Sorry. Solidarity for gay marriage and all, but... I won't counter my own interests, stuff my own dreams in the closet!

I walk out sans a golden jockstrap.

Run into my housemate Kristof. He's wearing a dress. A slit dress, revealing what else he's wearing... the Golden Panties of Solidarity!

Well, yay for him.

But I won't.


I was the child of leftists, taught to help others and deny self-interest. That can get extreme--absurd. But here I wouldn't disguise my own desires to support others. Healthy dream! If silly.

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