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1988, early digital picture (original just 240x480 pixels!) by Chris Wayan

The hawk is me, of course. The cold snowy ridge with great views is how the early Mac years felt to me--they gave us digital artists clarity, but the first Macs (just beige boxes with black and white screens) were colorless and chill. I'm a chaotic thinker and often remember my dreams gradually, scenes out of sequence, so being able to cut and paste my dream-writing helped a lot--for all practical purposes I couldn't write readable drafts before the Mac. So as a writer, I was grateful to Apple.

But as an artist, I longed for color.

And then, in 1988, I got an Amiga and reveled in rainbows. It was like this flame-flowering tree in the digital snow. The ice age was melting and the modern era had begun. Crude and messy, as things always are during a thaw, but begun.

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