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Heist the Golden Eggs!

Dreamed 2008/7/18 by Wayan

I'm in the lobby of a bank with two young guys as impulsive as kids. The bank's closed; after hours. From the lobby, huge locked twin doors lead to a long corridor and a second set of double doors, then the staff area and the vault.

They set up their... experiment. I just watch. Erect a launcher cradling a home-made rocket, aim it right at the crack of the outer doors, and step back to trigger it.

ROAR! The rocket blasts right through the first doors, and its payload-bomb cracks the inner doors. We sprint into the bank...

Bankrobbers silhouetted in the glare of a home-made rocket. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.

A bare room! Whaaat? There are a couple of suspicious floor-bulges in corners. I whack the nearest, biggest bulge with my ball-peen hammer. Yep. A plywood disk under the rug! (Have I joined them then, in what's clearly a robbery? Yes. This bank's up to something! The empty room proves they're not serving customers. Where's their money REALLY coming from?)

Pry up the disk--slowly. Wish I had a claw hammer! A second panel beneath--nailed down. Knock it loose. A third. Wow, they're really hiding this. A fourth. Fifth! Smaller and smaller...

Below #6, a well full of... egg flats, holding 20 each. Big eggs. GOLDEN eggs. As I suspected. This bank has imprisoned a magic goose somewhere. They're sentient. That's criminal. Slavery!

A flat of golden goose eggs hid under a bank floor. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.
Start lifting out egg cartons, one by one (gold is heavy!) and bag the eggs. Before we get them all, hear sirens. We took too long, because these boys brought a bank-crackin' rocket but no screwdriver, claw hammer or crowbar! Brilliant inventors, but bad planners.

The cops meet us at the door. I don't fight them, though one boy does. I wasn't part of the plan, just a passer-by, and besides, I see no need to run. That's just these boys' impulsiveness again. They didn't plan, so we won't get the gold--but the bank won't dare press charges, either. They can't afford to.

Not when golden goose eggs'd be Exhibit A.

Still, though I won't see jail time, it's frustrating. All this for nothing! For lack of a little planning.



This was just one of a slew of dreams during this period advising me to forget get-rich-quick schemes and research long-term ethical investing. Take my time, do my homework, get rich slow.

I did.

A golden egg. Dream sketch by Wayan.

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