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Hot-Air Feminism

Dreamed 2019/1/3 by Wayan

The newest meme is MeTooTwo.
To make streets safe for women, you
Run a heater--blow a plume into
cool night, marking doors unlocked:

Shelter for women if attacked.
Fools! Just hang a sign: "Come in,
O burglars!" At least, between robberies,
you'll save kilowatts off your utilities.

I stroll the street at dusk. New Year. Brisk.
But tongues of heat disrupt the winter-chill.
Tenth time, I lose my patience as I feel
hot breath on neck. The waste. The risk.

I step up to a porch. Front door. Through.
Foyer. Turn the heater off; leave and lock.
Next door. Next. Ward the whole block!
Antiburglar, hot air, fools. I wake in shock.

Night. A suburb. Hot-air plumes. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.


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