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Crayon/digital sketch of a dream by Wayan: a blonde ice skater in hot pink. A HOT SKATER

Dreamed 1997/5/8 by Chris Wayan

I'm with friends at an ice rink, for the first time in years. They're ready to leave, but I linger--I'm relearning to skate backwards. They warn me "It's hard for beginners to remember to look behind them" but I find that easy since my peripheral vision is nearly as wide as a deer's--always has been. I just need to remember how to thrust and steer...

As I wobble around, a blonde skater swoops and glides around me. Skimpy outfit--sexy, but I wonder how she can stay warm. I steer successfully, stay out of her way. I haven't regained all the skating skills I learned in my teens, but I'm remembering more than I expected for a single visit. Encouraging.

Wow. That blonde is a serious skater--she zooms and soars, practicing leaps and spins at Olympic level... even one astonishing cartwheel.

I no longer wonder how she stays warm: she's generating so much heat she steams! Tears off her top, dances bare-breasted on the ice.

Soon even that's too much, and she pauses and strips, then leaps across the ice naked but for skates. She spins through figure-eights till she leaves a glowing trail behind her: an infinity sign of hanging steam.

At last she sits in the center of the rink, glowing faintly, steam rising around her like scarves from all the ice melting under her. Her pussy is red and hot and wet, and I realize it wasn't just physical exercise generating all that heat. She got off on that!

She looks at me, gasping, naked, glowing, excited... and grins.

A thrill runs through me. I long to go out and meet her, but I turn away, shy...

Because it's thin ice out there, and I just don't dare cross to where I don't belong, not yet. I haven't mastered the skills to meet her out on...

Center stage.

Digital sketch of a dream by Wayan: a skater does splits on the ice; beneath pink sweater, she's naked and steaming hot. In the actual dream she was naked at this point except skates, but while sketching I liked that magenta sweater so much I forgot.


Oops. By this point in the dream she was naked except skates, but while sketching I fell in love with that magenta crayon and forgot.

But I didn't forget the dream. I knew she was me. Baring myself gets me HOT! I needed skills, though. So I started taking music classes, singing, composing, performing.

Three years later I was songwriting and singing for The Krelkins.

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