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Joe Cool in Financial Hell

Dreamed 2009/6/15 by Wayan; Dreamverse #46


Our house is going solar. We're voting on the bids this week, so I email all the solar firms reminding them to send bids now or never...

Instant messages pop up. My ex-girlfriend Cheryl! Message after message. Obsessive. I feel stalked and don't read them, turn off the instant message option. I didn't realize the default allowed people to interrupt you like this.

Feeling shaky, I drive down to the San Mateo Highlands to pick up my sister Althea and take her to the airport. On the way, as I right turn at a stopsign, a cop tickets me for not stopping fully. The first moving violation I've had in a decade at least. Rattles me more.

Althea and I have lunch at Shiso Restaurant. She flew down to attend her daughter's graduation. Althea says "She was distant for years; I think she blamed me for dragging her away from family and friends, leaving our small town after my husband dumped me for another woman." As his wife, Althea had a stake in the family ranch, but he gave her child support only, and his family backed him up. Althea felt they quietly drove her out of town. I hadn't realized that her current poverty is partly from her deep reluctance to fight for her rights. And she worries she's doing it again in a lesser way. Loves her current husband, but he slips into debt a few thousand a year... is she liable?

I too will do anything to avoid a fight. Siblings are such embarrassingly revealing mirrors!


That ranter's drawn a listening ring--
turtlehead economist, he builds a slow
case in dismal jargon til he's clamoring
"War caused America's crash." Quite so,
but hardly news! Why natter and detail
each sectors's polysyllabic slump,
when six-bit words explain no more
than Malvina Reynolds folk-sang full
forty years back in monosyllable:
"The rich feed off war
as it wrecks the lives of all
the rest of us." What more?
Our pundit plays scenes from Anemia,
that cheap Harry-Potter-clone film.
In it, Hogwarts is a high school in
a Muggle district gone bankrupt. And
the monsters who chase our heroes three
from bus stop to paralyzed school
are budget-busting creditors who drool
to squeeze blood from the students (ouch)
since Hogwarts turned so turnip. Though
"Something will always turnip!" Our heroes slip
into a stone gash. Cathedral-caverns echo ahead.
But the only path in is a rickety ledge
Pencil and acrylic sketch of a dream by Wayan: Harry Potter, Hermione Grainger and Ron Weasley on a ledge in a cave of fire
past pits of magma hell! Deadly red
financial meltdown. Ahead, one reckless kid
falls in. Are clone-Harry, Hermione, and Ron
financially balanced enough? Looks bad...

But here comes Cool Guy in shiny shades,
on his blazoned skateboard. A Guy he is, for
Cool Girls can't (as Hollywood is sure)
balance skateboards, budgets, lives--
too busy with their navel rings
and planning to be wives.

Through the pit Cool dives! Skates the red pool
of fire immune. Our ledge-trapped three
leap to him and cling, train-trailing weightlessly.

Oh. It's Biblical too--as Ronald Reagan knew. We
need financial hell to hound our tired poor.

But being Hollywood-mirror-cool
Teflons red financial heat!
No scandal sticks to the sunshade boys.
Now ain't that neat?

Pencil and acrylic sketch of a dream by Wayan: Joe Cool, a grinning guy in sunglasses, skateboards on lava in a cave of fire
Pencil and acrylic sketch of a dream face by Wayan: Joe Cool, a grinning skateboarder in sunglasses

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