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Lizard Husband

Dreamed 1990/8/30 by Xanthe


I'd been having a series of nightmares about figures I found repulsive, often discovered in cellars and such; this dream felt like the culmination of the series.


I was gliding down a stream in a tunnel, floating on the water. I met boat after boat of Chained Souls floating down... to Hades? No! Robed demons pushed them up to a hole--they shoved entire boats through, somehow. I could see a slice of blue sky out the hole, but feared to climb up the cavern walls and try to stick my head through. I didn't think I'd fit, somehow--though the boats did.

Instead, I went down. Down a long spiral stair. With the Lizard King. Green, horrible, crowned.

At the bottom, I found myself in his Court. Not as a visitor, as his Queen!

I loathed it, loathed him, all of them. But I was trapped there in the pit. No way free.

He raped me, though he didn't see it that way--we're married and he wanted an heir. So he forced me to have a child with him, a horrible child! A hideous lizard prince. I felt he was evil, as evil as his dad.

And I feel he's not mine. Only the child of my body, not of my spirit.

Darkness. A woman with wild black hair reaches up toward light streaming down from a crack. Behind her looms a green, crowned reptile with orange eyes.


--Chris Wayan

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