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The Mix-Up

Dreamed 1968 by Marilyn Stablein
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Nepalese print of a flying mammal with beak and feathered wings

A mix-up in prayer books brings too much sun to Tibet. Hail-fleecing lamas sweat in wool cloaks. Glaciers melt and floods wash up cactus from Mexico.

The monastery suppresses the news. But it's too late.

Planeloads of tan greedy tourists circle the air space. The pilots can't find the submerged gravel landing site.

On board hostesses help passengers inflate life jackets. Some strap parachutes to their backs like Gurkas adjusting leather holsters for their steel kukra knives.

People crowd the exit doors ready to leap.

SOURCE: More Night Travels to Tibet by Marilyn Stablein, 2011, Shivastan Publishing (, "... a series of prose-poems based on actual dreams first recorded in 1968 when living and studying in the Himalayas for six years."

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