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My Experience of Lucid Dreaming

Dream-based mixed media collage (photos, film stills) August 2013, by Maria Isabel Pita

1. Napping with my dog Arthur watching over me.
2. Falling asleep.
3. Entering Mind Space.
4. Stepping into a lucid dream.
5. Looking at my hands to stabilize the dream.
6. Reaching out to one of my Guides.
7. Dancing, loving my dream body.
8. Journeying deeper into my Inner Self.
9. Wondering where that door might lead or looking for a way outside.
Film montage of lucid dream scenes by Maria Isabel Pita, 2013.
10. The joy of being with one of my Guides.
11. Healing my physical body in a lucid dream.
12. The infinite peace and potential of Void Space.
13. The joy of flying. It will never get old.
14. Massive structures to explore and escape, the Dream's mysterious architecture.
15. Traveling to another place, another time, another world. Another me?
16. Trying to return to ancient Egypt, my ultimate dream.
17. Phasing out of the dream.
18. Awake and petting Arthur, my dream doggie.

SOURCE: the IASD (International Association for the Study of Dreams) website's 2013 Psiber Art Gallery.

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