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"No one really"

Dreamed 2019/7/13 by Wayan

My room's different--bigger, higher up, with bigger windows. I've been cleaning the room at last--I got shingles a few months ago, and was too sick to clean. Struggle with oversize blinds--they fell off their brackets, cover my bed. Can't get them back on without a lot of ladder work, so I just pin up sheets for now.

The sun's rising. What? Have I been cleaning all NIGHT? Doesn't feel like it. I'm confused. Don't recall drinking or taking drugs but I'm shaky and strange. Time just seems wrong; thought it was well before midnight; I'm not sleepy yet. Wanted to draw the blinds not to sleep but to masturbate; I feel insanely horny.

A girl in a bowler hat walks by outside, looks in the open windows. I really have to get better blinds! No privacy.

Wait. How can she walk by? We're fifty feet up!

She can't be outside. She's INSIDE. In my room. And I'm so clouded I can't tell? I look closely. She's still here. An ignore-me spell? Cute girl in her mid-twenties--slight, leggy, pale skin against dark bowl-cut hair. A stranger. I ask "Who are you?" She clearly sees me, but won't answer. I say sharply "What are you doing in my room?" Ambles toward the door as if owns the place, no obligation to acknowledge me. Yet doesn't seem arrogant, just... what?

I yell, VERY sharply, "WHO--ARE--YOU?!" and she startles! As if she only now realizes I can see her at all. Forced to treat me as a PERSON for the first time, she says "No one, really."

And fades into air.

Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.
Translucent woman wanders through my room; dream sketch by Wayan.

I feel shocked. My first coherent thought? "So... I NEVER can be sure of my privacy."

Shocked, but also flattered--I'm important enough to observe! Validating. Or not--what if EVERYONE'S got observers?

Guardian angels?


Both at once?


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