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1993/12/22 digital picture of recurring dreams (starting 1991/2/15) by Chris Wayan

Osento is a bath house in San Francisco that my friends all love. But I can't go with them; women only. If I'm to be included we have to go to other baths with small private tubs for (gasp) mixed-sex bathing, which is not as much fun as a big public bath--as social as swimming pools, and a lot more sensual.

So I keep dreaming that I change sex, so I can go too, and swim in the big pool with my friends. Here I am, rejoicing that I've joined the club at last. Weird to live in San Francisco of all places and still paint a public bath as a forbidden fantasyland, like Ingres over a century ago.

Plus ça change, plus c'est la même...

Three women sitting on the lip of a big hot tub. The middle one, me, is laughing and splashing

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