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Past Party, Future Husband

Dreamed before 1959, by a Georgia woman, as reported by Louisa E. Rhine

A woman now living in Georgia had a dream when a freshman in college which was so vivid that she somehow could not forget it, even though in a way it was not particularly spectacular. She was not herself a character in the dream, but seemed to be a spectator from a little distance.

"The dream," she says, "centered around a large house, a very beautiful one which seemed to be of light color but was not of boards. Also, for such a nice house it was very close to the sidewalk and surrounded by a high wrought-iron fence. A lawn party was taking place and on one side were grouped adults and on another side, young people. Among the young people was my steady beau and with him a dark-haired boy who would not turn around so I could see his face. The whole thing seemed to be taking place at night, and yet it was as bright as daytime. All the while, a man in a dark suit and wearing a brown hat kept walking back and forth on the sidewalk, watching the party.

"I awoke suddenly and sat up in bed, saying, 'I know that house must be in W (a nearby town)--it is in W, I know it is.'

"The next day I told my beau about the dream and he became very excited. Finally when I had finished he told me all this had taken place three years ago and he had almost forgotten about it.

"He took me to see the house in W and it was as in my dream, only now I could see the outside was of cream colored plaster. He explained that the friend with him was John, whom we both knew, and that the lawn had been lighted by spotlights the night of the party. However, he could not remember seeing any man, such as in my dream, go walking past the house.

"A year later I happened to meet the girl who lived there and she also verified my dream, and a year after that I met the man who kept walking past in the dream--who is now my husband. At the time of the party and at the time of the dream, he was living in another town, but when we met, he was living in the house across the street from my dream house."


I included this quiet little dream because it's apparently both precognitive (predicting where her future husband will live two years hence) and retrocognitive (depicting a night three years past). Its odd juxtaposition of times seems less concerned with logic than with people who are important to her--or will be.

What's its point? Well... notice where it places her current boyfriend--at a party in the past. And outside her social circle is a stranger: her future husband. I think the dream's prompting her conscious not to marry her current beau; he's the past. Her future is waiting--if she waits.

But before meeting him, she couldn't have interpreted this dream; it took two years to do its work, directing her interest to that house, quietly steering her to meet her husband-to-be.

Moral? Dreams think long-term. And, I guess, procrastination has its virtues.

--Chris Wayan

SOURCE: Hidden Channels of the Mind by Louisa E. Rhine, 1961, p. 41-42. Account untitled and author's name witheld.

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