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The Planter of Seeds

2011 (27"x 24"; etching, engraving, mezzotint) by Victoria Goro-Rapoport

An often recurring theme of my dreams is being lost in a strange city, wandering the unfamiliar streets in search of something unknown, and possibly unknowable. These dreams often include some perilous journeys through narrow high places - roofs, window ledges, even wires.

The architecture is usually very strange -- a morphing of organic and man-made torms, an eclectic mixture of many artistic styles.

Although in my dreams I am usually very taken by the visual aspect of the city, and try to remember every architectural element in minutest detail, most of the time I have only a pale recollection of them upon awakening.

--Victoria Goro-Rapoport

The Planter of Seeds: huge flower rises from a Venice canal. A surreal engraving by Victoria Goro-Rapoport; click to enlarge.

A low-resolution series of dream-inspired prints in the 2014 online gallery of the International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD) were my introduction to Goro-Raporport's work. My favorite in that batch was "The Water Lilies"; this piece from her own site, much higher resolution (and giving a better sense of the feverish gothic complexity of her work) is a close variant of "Water Lilies". Her work's not all dream-inspired, but some of the best surrealism I've seen this decade.

--Chris Wayan

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