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Pregnancy from Hell,
the Large Economy Size

Dreamed 1994/6/6 by Chris Wayan

me pregnant, my belly and swayback forming a forming a big sad dollar sign

I'm pregnant again. Terrible timing. Here I am on vacation in England and I'm just not up for anything. I don't feel physically bad this time around--just blah. But I'm really depressed about it.

Ask the barmaid in the village pub if there's someplace relaxing I could go. She suggests a county park with river-meadows and a gorge with a little waterfall. It's nice, but the birds and lush river reeds just frame my misery, setting it off nicely like the fancy frames on all those paintings in the castles here.

A well-meaning English mum tells me "Your mood's getting so dark and apathetic, you must be possessed by the Devil. Apathy's the cardinal sin, you know."

Oh, thanks! Now I worry about my sanity--am I a danger to myself or others? I'm not mean or suicidal, just depressed. Isn't that an understandable reaction to the stress of pregnancy? Is apathy truly the root of all evil? I'm shaken by the accusation.

I inquire in the local pub--and the villagers all agree, I'm not possessed by the Devil. I AM the Devil! Or, well, the Devil's mom. The baby's due on Dec 29th, on my 29th birthday. Four days after the Christ child, I'll give birth to the Antichrist. Great, just great. I may not have been the biggest saint on the planet, but when did I sign up for THIS?

I WAKE UP and write the dream down. That repeated number, 29, next to "depression" rings a warning bell... economics, the Great Depression, 1929. And the dream felt predictive somehow... more psychic than psychological. Then...

I WAKE AGAIN, for real this time. So my economic dream-interpretation was a dream too! The dream TOLD me it's about economics?

Hmmm. The market crash starting the Depression was in '29, pretty close to Halloween, I remember--was it October 29th? I think the dream's warning me the economy's going to crash this winter. I'm invested long-term, but if I DO need to sell any stock this year, do it now, don't delay till winter.


I dreamed this in summer 1994, and the stock market stayed high through that December--29th? But soon after Christmas it crashed--one of the biggest drops since 1929.

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