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Red Horse

Dreamed 2016? 2017? and painted (20" x 30"; oil on linen) by Katherine Kean

At the start of the dream, I was at the birthday party of a famous artist. We were having a very nice chat when a large wild red horse charged in, insisting that I come along. I was taken to a watery place far from the civilized world.

Woman and red horse in glade; dream painting by Katherine Kean.


Yes, and then? And THEN what? [Silence.] ARGGGH!

As Sartre never said, "Hell is other dreamworkers." Kean may just be reticent, or this may be all there was. It matters. If this is the whole dream, I'd guess it to mean Kean needs more solitude & nature--straightforward dream-advice, if mundane. But if she woke before the Red Horse could lay out a far more complex quest or agenda...

And in a sleep-short age, this often happens. We get only dream-shards; shards can mislead. What was the Red Horse really urging?

SOURCE: the International Association for the Study of Dreams ( Art Gallery archive for 2017.

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