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Dreamed 2012/6/8 by Wayan
for the Wisconsin workers Governor Walker fired
Acropolian hill.
Atop street
artist beckons.
Atop pole
Baba Yaga
bird cage.
Chicken up,
chicken down.

Thespian opens
silver aviary
cradles serene
bird star
upon maroon
velvet claw:
Yorick plush

Man(iac) one-
handedly clambers
rickety ladders,
Victorian gutters.
Oration utters,
lost to wind.
Mummers ready
to begin.

Eye the sky!
Rooftop show.
Dizzy gawk
chicken zenith.
Under spine
hill shudders,

Forget duet:
horde overhead!
Hovering ice
floes churn,
Blue sun
thrusts back

frazil white.
Torrid June,
winter's last.
Icumen in!
Summer's ready
to begin.

sketch of a dream, 'Skythaw', by Chris Wayan: chunks of ice float in the sky above an actor and a chicken atop the roof of a Victorian on a hill by a lake.

Sketch of a dream, 'Skythaw', by Chris Wayan: an actor and a chicken atop the roof of a Victorian.


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