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Dreamed 2018/1/28 by Wayan

Under the laurel-scented bays
on Bernal's wet west side,
I catch a crosstown slide
down Esmeralda Steps, beside
the hanging gardens--red and gold
succulents and rocks.

Wild girls in flocks
convene. My lane. Collide.
Legs tangle with a laugh.
Sliders up from tween
to grown. Half-flirt, half-fight
in our silvery half-flight.
Skateboard daughters
crazed as otters.

Girls peel off, nearing their goal,
land in tumblesand and roll,
lope off to shops. I hop a lane, cross
a district where multichuted wide
slides sardine with balding men
off to finance-work downtown.
Skirt the Market Slide until
gridlock horde is gone.

Teens on metal slides in hanging rock-gardens. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.
Next I race a reporter. Thought her
giant head was clown-wigged, but
"My hair's mundane back home." So
Not a Terran, though
she could (almost) pass.

Into a narrows--not stone or glass
but very space. Down a heron-throat,
to a pocket universe. Or is it mere
black belly of an asteroid? It's sure
not Earth--we gravilessly float.
I ask "Why'd you slide in here?"

"No extradition treaties" she grins.
"I came to interview a hacker who
infamously whistle-blew;
exiled now for his sins."

But we may be stuck! She's unsure
the dimensional gullet also spews.
Though we're not alone--an alien-strewn
Sargasso of outlaws, traders and worm-
hole support staff and a handful more
journalists after her scoop! They calm
my jittery black-hole blues:
we can't be event-horizoned
if we make the news.

Up floats the outlaw. Oh, I know
what they will not beg, but need:
privacy. Spacepaddle off. Time to go
slide! Where next will it lead?

I float in freefall with aliens, in a pocket cosmos. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.


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